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galvanized industrial Flame arrestor
Flame arrestor+rechargeable battery+Prevent sparks from entering the battery, which controls airflow, ventilation and back pressure, reducing the risk of acid spills and aerosol emissions
high-throughput replacing Pipette Filter Tips
Pipette Filter Tips+medical industry+for Suction filter, oxygen humidification bottle, anti-overflow filter, biological extraction screen plate
mineral backwashing catalytic Carbon filter cartridge
Carbon filter cartridge + pure water equipment+For water purifiers, refrigerators, motorhomes, outdoor
mini bottled monolithic Plastic Silencer
Plastic Silencer+Pneumatic industry+Air source noise reduction, air source processing parts, vacuum system
industrial wastewater Membrane module
Membrane module+industrial wastewater+Used for factory sewage treatment
Sintered activated carbon products
Sintered activated carbon products
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