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High quality low priceand best-selling products at home and abroad

Acid-proof sheet for automobile battery, explosion-proof sheet for industrial battery, medical liquid blocking plug, drunk driving tester, oil-water separator and muffler, etc.

A domestic comprehensive factory and a large-scale professional accessories factory (water purification

The preparation of polymer microporous materials of our company is all produced by self-made special equipment with independent intellectual property rights. It is high-quality and efficient, and has strong competitiveness in the industry. It has self-provided molds and equipment processing capabili

Manufacturer specializing in the production of maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery supporting products

Suzhou Kaihong Polymer Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a New Zealand foreign-funded enterprise with an investment of 15 million US dollars, covering a total area of more than 40,000 square meters. The company is an independent legal person enterprise, mainly researches and develops and

We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company for inspection and guidance

Relying on scientific and technological innovation, the company will further accelerate the pace of development and continue to open up new development situations. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company for inspection and guidance, and create a better future hand in hand.

A high-tech enterprise integrating material research, product design, production and trade.

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