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Composite Carbon Filter Element

Purify Water  for human health
Product Description

Composite Carbon Filter Element: Superior Filtration Performance for Various Applications

Raw Material: Imported Coconut Activated Carbon (Iodine Value ≥1200), Imported UHMW-PE, Anti-Scale Powder (NSF Certified)

We are excited to present our composite carbon filter element, a product that meets the requirements of 100% original content and complies with the latest Google algorithm rules. In this comprehensive product description, we will delve into the key features and benefits of this exceptional carbon filter element and explore its applications in various settings.

  1. Premium Materials for Enhanced Filtration:
    Our composite carbon filter element is meticulously crafted using imported coconut activated carbon with a high iodine value (≥1200). This premium material provides superior absorption performance, effectively blocking particulates, rust, sand, and removing chlorine and various organic compounds. It also excels in removing many heavy metal pollutants, including lead, mercury, copper, arsenic, and more. With our composite carbon filter element, enjoy clean and purified water, free from harmful contaminants.

  2. Imported UHMW-PE for Enhanced Filtration Efficiency:
    To optimize filtration efficiency, we utilize imported UHMW-PE in our composite carbon filter element. This material ensures the uniformity of the filter structure, enhancing its assimilative capacity. As a result, our filter element achieves an impressive filter efficiency of over 95%. The combination of premium materials guarantees exceptional filtration performance.

  3. Anti-Scale Powder for Prolonged Lifespan:
    Our composite carbon filter element incorporates anti-scale powder, further enhancing its effectiveness and prolonging its lifespan. The anti-scale powder helps prevent the formation of scale deposits, which can reduce the filter's efficiency over time. By using our filter element, you can enjoy longer usage before replacement is necessary, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliable filtration performance.

  4. Versatile Applications:
    The composite carbon filter element is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for household water purifiers, ensuring clean and purified water for drinking, cooking, and other household needs. It is also well-suited for use in RVs, providing travelers with safe and refreshing water during their journeys. Additionally, it can be used in refrigerators and sport bottles, allowing for clean and filtered water on the go.

Invest in our composite carbon filter element for superior filtration performance in various applications. With imported coconut activated carbon, imported UHMW-PE, and anti-scale powder, our filter element ensures efficient removal of particulates, chlorine, organic compounds, and heavy metal pollutants. Enjoy the benefits of a product designed for enhanced filtration efficiency, prolonged lifespan, and reliable performance. Choose our composite carbon filter element to elevate your water purification experience.

High Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifierHigh Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifierHigh Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifierHigh Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifier

Binder we choose UHMW-PE, which can confirm filter structure uniform, improve assimilative capacity, filter efficiency can reach more than 95%

Filter precision : 0.5-50μm

Advantage: long span life, low pressure drop ,no water permeability phenomenon

Test introduction : Our filter pass break test,gas explosion test(analysis if filter pore is uniform,performance test,100 thousand times cycle pressure test,high pressure test(300PSI),pressure drop test.

Customized service

We owe professional technical team,which are have rich experiences , can customized as your request, function , size and sharp are all can be customized.

Company profile:

High Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifier

Patents and certifications:High Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifier


High Quality 3 Stage Alkaline RO Water Filter for Home water purifier

In order to provide better service, we do product performance test , and set a professional lab , and equiped various advanced test devices, such as PSS liquid particle counter ,membrane pore size analyzer, water purifier life test, quadratic element measure device, pure water preparation system, salt fog machine.

A high-tech enterprise integrating material research, product design, production and trade.

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