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Durable Carbon Water Filter for houosehold

Have better performance of chlorine reduction,reduce odor and color, improve taste and inhibit the reproduction of microorganism
  • KAHO

Product Description


Quantity(pieces)1 - 50005001 - 10000>10000
Lead time (days)1030To be negotiated
  1. Superior Filtration with Activated Carbon and UHMW-PE:
    At Mercury.gr, we offer advanced carbon water filters that utilize imported coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine value over 1100. Combined with UHMW-PE material, our filters provide exceptional filtration performance. The customizable size and micron options allow for tailored filtration solutions to meet specific needs.

  2. Main Function: Chlorine Reduction and Improved Water Quality:
    Our carbon water filters excel in chlorine reduction, effectively reducing odor and color, and improving the taste of water. By inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms, our filters ensure healthier and safer drinking water. Additionally, the filters are designed to prevent the release of carbon fines, ensuring clean and pure water without any added impurities.

  3. Additional Functions for Enhanced Water Quality:
    In addition to chlorine reduction, our advanced carbon water filters offer a range of additional functions to improve water quality:

  4. Nanometer Silver-based Inorganic Substance: Our filters incorporate nanometer silver-based inorganic substances that effectively reduce Escherichia by 99.9%, Staphylococcus by 54%, and Salmonella by 72%, providing further protection against harmful bacteria.

  5. Lead Removal Powder: To address the issue of lead contamination in water, our filters include lead removal powder, which helps to remove lead particles, ensuring safer drinking water.

  6. Carbon Fiber Integration: By adding carbon fiber to our filters, we enhance their chlorine reduction performance, providing even better-tasting water.

  7. Soft Resin Adjustment: Our filters incorporate soft resin to adjust the calcium and magnesium content in water, resulting in softer water with improved taste and reduced calculus formation.

  8. Factory Introduction: Suzhou Kaho Polymer Technology Co. Ltd:
    Mercury.gr is manufactured by Suzhou Kaho Polymer Technology Co. Ltd, a high-tech enterprise invested by HK Kaho Holding Co. Ltd. With a focus on polymer technology products, we have gained a reputation as a premier filter manufacturer, providing quick and economical solutions to filtration problems. Our commitment to good quality and low prices ensures customer satisfaction. Send us an inquiry now and experience the difference!


  • Superior chlorine reduction, exceeding 70% reduction after 10 tons of water filtration.

  • No release of carbon fines, ensuring clean and pure water.

  • Effective removal of hard metals such as lead, copper, and mercury.

  • VOC reduction for improved water quality.

Q1: Are you a manufactory?
A: Yes, we are a Chinese manufactory with over 15 years of experience in producing sinter polymer filters, carbon filters, and TMFs.

Q2: Can we use our own logo/brand?
A: Absolutely, private labeling is welcome.

Q3: Can you offer samples to check quality?
A: We offer free samples based on freight collect. Samples can also be customized, and sample tool fees may apply.

Q5: Why should I choose Mercury.gr?

  1. We have complete control over the production process with our own tool workshop, injection workshop, filter workshop, and assembly workshop, ensuring product quality and cost control.

  2. Our filters have obtained international certifications such as NSF 42&53, WQA, and SGS.

  3. Your filters are produced in an ISO9001 factory under a multi-QC system, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

Mercury.gr's advanced carbon water filters provide superior filtration performance, ensuring chlorine reduction, improved taste, and safer drinking water. With additional functions like lead removal, nanometer silver-based inorganic substances, carbon fiber integration, and soft resin adjustment, our filters offer comprehensive water treatment solutions. Choose Mercury.gr for clean, pure, and better-tasting water.


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