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Durable Plastic Silencer

Product Description

Application scope

Air source silencing ,vocuum filtration .

Product feature:

In pneumatic system by change valve ,the compressed air supply to cylinder actuators, after action is finished ,then the compressed air discharge to atmosphere by change valve . Rapid expansion of compressed air and presure changes will produce high-frequency dissonant noise .With muffler to reduce exhaust noise can drop noise about 20-40dB. Polymer microporous filter chip is within the muffler , large ventilation and low noise . It replaces the traditional sintered metal and reduces the cost.

Product feature





Enhanced Filtration and Cost Efficiency with Polymer Technology:

Our Swimming Pool Filter Element incorporates advanced polymer properties that provide excellent ventilation and water resistance. This innovative design allows for efficient filtration of both water and air pollutants in compressed air systems, ensuring the purity and quality of pneumatic compression. By replacing traditional sintered metal filters, our filter element not only improves filtration effectiveness but also significantly reduces costs.

The polymer material used in our filter element offers exceptional filtration capabilities, effectively trapping impurities and contaminants present in compressed air. This ensures that the compressed air remains clean and free from pollutants, safeguarding the performance and longevity of pneumatic systems. With its superior filtration properties, our filter element guarantees optimal air quality and contributes to the overall efficiency of pneumatic compression processes.

Noise Reduction and Improved Airflow with Polymer Microporous Filters:

In pneumatic systems, the compressed air is supplied to cylinder actuators through a valve and, once the desired action is completed, the change valve allows the compressed air to be discharged into the atmosphere. However, during this process, rapid expansion of compressed air and pressure changes can result in high-frequency dissonant noise. To address this issue, our Swimming Pool Filter Element incorporates a muffler that effectively reduces exhaust noise by approximately 20-40dB.

Within the muffler, our filter element features polymer microporous filter chips that provide large ventilation and low noise levels. By leveraging the unique properties of polymer materials, our filter element ensures efficient airflow while minimizing noise generated during the discharge of compressed air. This innovative design replaces the conventional sintered metal components, offering not only noise reduction but also cost savings.

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