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PTFE Membrane Module

Membrane Module,In a method for cleaning a membrane module including at least one of a microfiltration membrane and an ultrafiltration membrane through which raw water is membrane-filtered to obtain membrane filtrate, for effectively cleaning a membrane module with reducing a drop in water recovery ratio and the cost of chemicals by preventing a chemical from leaking out to and remaining on the filtrated side of the membrane module after a cleaning step, a chemical diffusion step in which chemical-containing water is fed to a feed side of the membrane module and diffused from the feed side of the membrane module to a filtrated side of the membrane module is performed, and subsequently a backwashing step in which the membrane module is backwashed by allowing the membrane filtrate to flow from the filtrated side to the feed side of the membrane module is performed, in which, in the chemical diffusion step, an execution time of the chemical diffusion step is controlled based on a concentration of the chemical diffused to the filtrated side of the membrane module.
Product Description


Reduced system footprint

Easy to install and maintain

Mosaic membrane structure

Abrasion resistant

Acid&alkali resistant

High temperature resistant

High pressure resistant

Long service life


Continuous removal of suspended matter in water and no particle penetration phenomenon happen

High precision of particle removal

3.matters need attention

The effect of wastewater treatment depends on the input water quality, this includes: concentration, the amount of metal containing, COD, suspended particle, suspended particle, organic matter etc. Thus water analysis and membrane experimentation should be made before wastewater goes into the membrane system, besides reasonable wastewater pretreatment is also needed, unqualified wastewater is prohibited from entering into membrane components of the system, because of the high concentration organic solvent in wastewater will destroy the membrane surface and tubular membrane. Thereby blocking the membrane pores and causing water flux decline ,impact membrane system function and efficiency.

4.Application field

l Heavy metal removal and recovery

l Printed and dyeing wastewater treatment

l Reverse osmosis pretreatment

l Sea water desalination pretreatment

l Fluoride removal

l Wastewater processing from chemical and paper industries

l Cutting fluids recycling in silica grinding and slicing

l Lead-acid battery wastewater treatment

5.the wastewater goes into the membrane system cannot contain following pollutants

l Oil, grease and other oily wastewater

l The developer or developer working fluid

l Organic solvent

l Stripping waste liquid

l Organic pollutants (such as oxidation coating liquid, high COD, PAM, defoaming agent)

l Waste particles properties of edges and corners(such as sand, scrap iron, blade etc.

6.Factory Introduction:

Suzhou Kaho Polymer Technology Co.ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which is invested By HK Kaho holding Co.ltd. Depending on our professional level and mature technology

We rise sharply in the field of polymer technology products. We are well known as the premier filter manufactory concentrating on providing our customer with quick and economical solutions the the filtration problems.

factory supply MF membrane module for industrial wastewater treatment

A high-tech enterprise integrating material research, product design, production and trade.

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